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*We request that events for Saturdays and/or Sundays be booked at least 10 days in advance*  


Joshua Catering Company provides full-service catering for businesses and other non-profit organizations throughout Palm Beach County. All proceeds from this business venture benefit the programs and services of The Lord’s Place. Select graduates of our food services apprenticeship program, directed by highly-trained staff with extensive experience in the catering industry, work for our company and gain valuable experience in food preparation and service. This helps them in their efforts to gain outside employment.


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Joshua Catering Survey

Thank you for your support of Joshua Catering and the life changing mission of The Lord's Place.

We would love to get feedback on your experience with Joshua Catering. Please fill out this survey to help us to continue our business, our service and our food.

To show appreciation for completing this survey, you will be issued a 5% off credit towards your next catering order, just fill out your name and email  located at the end of the survey (optional).

Thank you for your feedback!

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1 * How was your overall experience with Joshua Catering?
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2 * How was the food service?
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3 * Do you have any specific feedback about the food?
4 * How was the service?
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5 * Do you have any specific feedback about our service?
6 * How was our presentation?
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7 * How helpful were we in the ordering and planning process?
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8 * How often do you hire caterers?
9 * If you have hired other caterers before, how would you rate us in comparison?
(Scale 1=The worst; 10=Joshua Catering is the best)
10 * How likely are you to recommend us to the others?
(Scale 1=Not likely; 10=Very likely)
11 * How did you hear about Joshua Catering?
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